what is big 3 strength system?

At Big 3 Strength System we believe that strength training should be at the core of any fitness program for anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness and that the benefits go far beyond the obvious of physical improvements.

Adhering to a strength program builds character and resilience. Standing up with a heavy barbell on your back, locking out a deadlift PB or getting that first chin up you always dreamed of can do waves for your confidence both in and out of the gym. Being strong is powerful, and it is this reason that the pursuit of strength lies at the forefront of the BIG 3 Strength System program.

Our training philosophy prioritises the BIG 3 lifts – the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift, as a tool to developing serious strength. Our programming is carefully planned throughout the year and focuses on the continual progression of these powerlifting movements in each training block, with strength testing occurring periodically so we can continue to measure progress.

Session numbers are capped so you can receive the same personalised training experience for less than the price of a 1 on 1 session, with multiple small group sessions available throughout the week so you can choose a time that suits you


Our system yields results through fostering a motivating training environment based on three core values.


We believe training shouldn’t feel like a chore and the process be enjoyed just as much as the results


We like to have fun but when it’s time we lift with focus and intent and you will always have the coach’s undivided attention.


We are supportive of one another’s efforts and welcoming of any age, gender or training experience.

what’s included


Access to multiple small group training sessions per week 


Personalised training program delivered through a user friendly app


Nutritional strategies for strength training


Discounts and access to industry professionals


Periodic team recovery and restoration sessions


Monthly modified strongman conditioning sessions and community meetups

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